About Us

Mission Statement

BreakAway is a new social enterprise set up to help offenders make positive changes and rehabilitate.

Our unique approach is powered by two key concepts — social action/responsibility and personal development.

Our professionals have a combined 20 years’ experience with current serving prisoners and other staff within the criminal justice sector. Together, they’ve developed four effective programmes to help with rehabilitation.

Our four programmes are:

Each programme works directly with offenders, focusing on a distinctive area of social action. The result is a greater awareness of social responsibility for the offender and a lower risk of turning back to crime.

We have a track record of successfully delivering these programmes, with excellent feedback from both participants and prison services. And we’ve conducted detailed evaluations to help us make our approach more effective than ever.

Of course all prisons (and prisoners) are different, so no approach can be ‘one size fits all’. That’s why we work collaboratively within the system, and all of its individuals, to adapt our programmes so they work best for everyone involved.

By becoming positively involved as part of a real community, offenders are more likely to feel part of something and as a result make permanent changes to their behaviour.

Ultimately, that means less reoffending upon release, which is better for the prison system, society and the individuals themselves.

Our goal at BreakAway is to help prisons to offer a rehabilitative culture that positively impacts everyone.