Working with offenders in four strategic programmes, delivered across the UK, all our work aims to offer a chance to change through interpersonal development and social action/responsibility

BreakAway has recently been shortlisted for the ‘Entrepreneurs and youth-led Business skills development grant.’

Prisons that we have already worked in:

HMP Wormwood Scrubs

Lincolnshire Secure Unit

Professionals that we have already worked with:

National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance

Business Launchpad

Why We Do What We Do

Around half of all crime is committed by people who have already been through the criminal justice system. The cost of the taxpayer for reoffending is estimated to be between £9.5 and £13 billion a year.

Reoffending is a serious problem:
  • Prison has a poor record for reducing reoffending - nearly half of adults (48%) are reconvicted within one year of release.
  • 6 in 10 children (59%) that are sent to prison are reconvicted within a year of release — this rises to 68% for those serving sentences of less than six months.
  • Engagement with education can significantly reduce reoffending. The proven one year re-offending rate is 34% for prisoner learners compared to 43% for people who don’t engage in any form of learning activity.

*All stats are collated from 'Prison: the facts Bromley Briefings Summer 2018'

Resettlement is the tool to combat reoffending:
  • There is growing evidence from across the arts and health field that suggests that participatory arts programmes can contribute to health improvement, emotional resilience and social reintegration among vulnerable and excluded groups.
  • Arts activities have been shown to help prisoners to maintain or improve relationships with family, peers and community and contribute directly to successful resettlement.

*Research found in 'ARTS, CULTURE AND INNOVATION IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SETTINGS' A guide for commissioners.