The Plan programme is a kinaesthetic employability programme that gets prisoners to explore and discuss employability.

Discussions can cover everything, from their personal experiences to their strengths and even their weaknesses, all in order for them to find and explore their own individual transferable skills. Then, over the week they will use what they learn as the basis to create their own detailed and accurate curriculum vitae.

The second aspect of the Plan programme is to help prisoners identify the differences between a career, a job and a hobby. Then we can help them to work out what skills, passion and future development they need to enhance each of the areas.

The career Venn diagram is key; it helps prisoners set themselves realistic and achievable goals when looking for employment. It also makes sustaining employability easier as they know the next steps and what to do to achieve them.

Within the Plan programme prisoners also discuss priorities. This discussion can often challenge prisoners’ negative assumptions of their lives and what they think is important.

These challenges are incredibly important to help the prisoner identify their own beliefs and truths and this in turn helps the prisoner to develop experience on how to interact with others who may have opinions different to their own.

Our Plan programme also explores other soft skills that prisoners need when released, such as:

  • Confidence
  • Socialising
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Vulnerability